Moons of Madness is Lovecraftian Horror on Mars

Videogame Roundtable Episode 308: Sterling Reviews

This week’s episode is 50% longer as the first 20 minutes or so are devoted to the reaction to Jim Sterling’s explosive review of Hellblade and his subsequent recanting later that day. This week has no Gaming Flashback or Gaming History, but there are six news items to make up for it.

The items include:

EA talks about Nintendo Switch support
Rainbow Six: Siege “Operation Blood Orchid” update launches August 29
Myth-inspired RTS Deadhold charges into Early Access later this month
No Man’s Sky “Atlas Rises” update adds story content and “limited” online co-op
EA says Star Wars: Battlefront “lacked long-term goals”
Moons of Madness is Lovecraftian horror on Mars

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