Sophia Uno Upgrade for Fulcrum Tremolos

Immediately available, building on our experience with our flag-ship Global Tuner Pro with Dual Stabilizers and our QuickTune Thumbwheel, Uno [“you-know”] Single Stabilizer Upgrade boldly goes where Sophia Tremolo has never gone before.

Sophia Tremolos, since 2015, provides uncompromised high performance premium musical hardware in vintage specs, known for ease of use and stability, alchemical headless and multi- scale capable tremolos and hardtails, DropTuners, HeadPeace Tuners innovations presents the Uno Single Stabilizer Upgrade for StopBlocks on Sophia 2:22 Tremolos, Fender®-style Two- Post compatible, and, OFR® locking compatible, Sophia 2:92 and 2:92 Seven Tremolos.

Uno single Stabilizer Upgrade:

• Easy two-step setup – thread the upgrade into position for your guitar and lock
• Pre-tension calibrated based on our Global Tuner Pro
• Retro-fits both our Performance Brass and Wider Cold-rolled Steel StopBlocks
• Website: $75 upgrade or for existing StopBlocks | $125 incl. steel or brass StopBlock.

See the Sophia 2:22 Deluxe Uno and Sophia 2:92 Uno upgrade demo videos:

McCabe, designing since the 90’s, over 15 US Patents, formed, in association to Ping Well, Sophia Tremolos, now a division of Big Kids Inc. – each product hand assembled in SoCal using USA & Ping Well elements to exact specifications.
“We love this stuff …”

“The Sophia tremolo’s design is such a vast improvement over previous systems that it’s an understatement to call it the most significant tremolo system upgrade introduced since the Floyd Rose.” Guitar World Magazine March 2018

Geoffrey McCabe, also known for his jazz fusion recordings and performances in Europe and the US throughout his career, led to him to developing insights everyday musicians have about the guitar and its possibilities during a period of hiatus beginning in the early 90’s. McCabe has additional material for at least one pending jazz album, Cartoons and other Hierogylphs and one rock album, The Intimate Desire for Deep Conversation.