Jackpipe – Layin’ The Pipe – (Crossover Hardcore Metal)

NY’s JACKPIPE is as crude and fun loving as a heavy metal and hardcore crossover band can be, with all of the gruff bigmouth charm and deeply buried (but ever present) endearing sentiment that helps define the Big Apple. These are four guys weaned on Howard Stern, Andrew Dice Clay, and S.O.D., armed with big riffs, bigger pitchers of beer, and the biggest of belly laughs.

This is situational and observational comedy full of barbarian rhythms and tongue-in-cheek lyrical revelry. It’s the musical equivalent of a night out with your friends and defiantly free of trigger-warnings and safe spaces. JACKPIPE sounds like Jim Norton swallowed a gallon of coffee and grabbed the microphone to rant over stomping metal-core anthems made for moshing.

Everyone is invited to the JACKPIPE party. Powered by pizza, wings, bourbon and beer, this East Coast wrecking crew’s short songs, catchy riffs, delicious hooks, good humor, and unrelenting groove connect across multiple genres and subcultures, like the subway connects the boroughs.

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