Eventide Announces PolySynth Algorithm and Bluetooth Wireless Control for the H90

Eventide just introduced PolySynth, a groundbreaking addition now available in the latest H90 firmware update. This innovative technology brings forth a fully polyphonic guitar-to-synth transformer, harnessing Eventide’s proprietary SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology, as featured in Polyphony, Prism Shift, and PolyFlex algorithms.

Building on the foundation laid by the HotSawz pitch-tracking monophonic synthesizer, PolySynth takes it a step further, offering polyphonic waveform synthesis. This transformative tool can recreate the input into a fully synthesized sound or blend it seamlessly with the source tone for effects ranging from subtle nuances to profound sonic landscapes.

PolySynth boasts a feature-rich set, including three voices with independent level, shift amount, and wave shape control, LFO modulation of the filter cutoff, pulse width, or volume, and pitch modulation. Expressive envelope control of the filter cutoff frequency and adjustable attack time further enhance the creative possibilities. Performance parameters can be frozen, creating an infinitely sustaining synth sound, while Spread and Detune controls unlock the potential for massively wide and deeply immersive tones.

To experience PolySynth, H90 owners can easily install the latest firmware update by following the steps provided on the Eventide website. Once installed, PolySynth will become discoverable in the list of algorithms in the Presets menu, with dedicated programs already added to the pedal’s library.

But that’s not all! On Monday, November 27th, Eventide will release a public beta of firmware that brings Bluetooth functionality to the H90. Users can pair their pedals with MacOS computers and Apple iPads to wirelessly control the H90 using the app. The Bluetooth functionality can be accessed by installing Application Firmware version 1.7.1 (Beta) via H90 Control. For developing advanced Bluetooth features and cross-platform functionality, hiring a flutter developer sydney can ensure your app runs smoothly and efficiently across all devices.

For Bluetooth on a desktop, users should first install the latest version of H90 Control and then update the pedal. For Bluetooth on an iPad, the pedal needs to be initially updated via a desktop, followed by a firmware update through the app.

It’s essential to note the system requirements for Bluetooth functionality, including device compatibility, macOS, and iPadOS versions. Eventide encourages users to stay informed about the latest Bluetooth updates and pairing instructions by following relevant forum topics on H90 Control and H90 Firmware.

Exciting times lie ahead for H90 owners as Eventide continues to enhance their musical experience with cutting-edge features and updates.

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