Morley Introduces The Volume Commander – New Additive Tone Technology

Morley®, makers of pedals, switchers and audio solutions, is proud to announce the release of the Volume Commander. The Volume Commander gives you multiple new tones out of the gear you already own and love. It is Additive Tone Technology, and a pedal unlike any other on the market. It works with all the instruments, amplifiers, pedals, and virtual plugins you already own and breathes new life into all your existing gear !

Something that is often overlooked in our quest for great tone is volume. The volume knob on our Instrument, the use of a volume pedal and even our own playing dynamics are a great way to add character and nuance to our tone. This is the purpose of the Volume Commander. By using volume control along with its other innovative features, not found on other devices, it will add new dimensions of tone to your already existing gear.

The Volume Commander has two channels that can be used separately or together. Each channel has a Volume Control, a Low-Cut Switch with three modes and a Tone Switch with Bright or Warm options to further complement your instrument’s output. Place it before your favorite pedals and amps and use it to unlock new channels. It excels exceptionally well with single-channel amplifiers (Tube or Solid State), Guitar, Bass, Fuzz/ Distortion/ Overdrive pedals, etc, etc. The list of options is endless. Both channels can be active at the same time giving you four tonal options including the bypassed signal.

Like all Morley products it’s built like a tank and engineered for a lifetime of use. The Volume Commander Measures 5.4” x 4.5” x 2.7” (L x W x H) and only weighs 1.25 lbs. It is True Bypass, which is beneficial for certain Pedals that do not react well with Buffers. The Volume Commander also comes with Morley’s standard warranty.

Available now for pre-order at Morley® Dealers Worldwide.