Unexpected Discoveries: Exploring Newfangled Audio Recirculate

No plans for blogging today until a surprising email from Eventide grabbed my attention. The subject? Their latest offering – the Newfangled Audio Recirculate delay plugin. Intrigued, I clicked on the accompanying YouTube video, “How to Get More Interesting Echoes: Newfangled Audio Recirculate Demo,” and what followed was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The video not only showcased the impressive delay capabilities of Recirculate but also unveiled a treasure trove of production tips that left me eager to experiment. What stood out to me was the focus on vocal applications, but as a guitarist, I couldn’t help but envision how these techniques could elevate my own performances.

While I’m yet to try out Recirculate firsthand, the temptation to apply these newfound ideas to my guitar playing was too strong to resist. In the spirit of fair play, considering I’m poaching ideas from their demo video, I want to share what I’ve gleaned so far from the press release accompanying the video.

The demo video guided viewers through creative approaches to shaping echoes, providing a sonic palette that transcends the ordinary. The potential for enhancing live performances with these captivating effects, originally demonstrated on vocals, fueled my excitement.

Although I haven’t had the pleasure of incorporating Recirculate into my setup just yet, the promises from the press release hint at a revolutionary addition to the musician’s toolkit. The blend of innovation and versatility showcased in the video suggests that this delay plugin could be a game-changer for musicians across genres.

As I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore Recirculate in my own musical endeavors, I wanted to share the enthusiasm and insights I gained from the demo video. Sometimes, unexpected emails and demo videos can lead to groundbreaking discoveries that reshape the way we approach music production.

Stay tuned for future updates as I embark on my journey with Newfangled Audio Recirculate, applying these remarkable production tips to my guitar performances and sharing my firsthand experiences with this exciting new addition to the world of audio effects.

From Eventide and Newfangled Audio:

By Newfangled Audio
Price: MSRP $99 / Intro Special $49

Loyalty discounts available for owners of Newfangled & Eventide plug-ins
Availability: January 23, 2024

Polyrhythmic Feedback Delay with Character

Recirculate isn’t just a delay plugin; it’s the distilled essence of what a feedback echo should be. By stripping away the baggage and focusing on the sound and control we’ve created the perfect tool for adding depth and dimension to your mixes.

New Rhythmic Options

A feedback delay can add rhythmic spice to your production, but the options are on-beat, or off-beat. Recirculate fixes this by adding control over the all important first echo. Set a downbeat echo with dotted repeats for a subtle shuffle feel. Or an eighth note first echo with quarter note repeats for a straight echo on the upbeats. It sounds simple, but it’s an incredibly powerful rhythmic tool.

Control What You Hear

Many delay plug-ins attempt to recreate specific technologies. Recirculate focuses instead on controls you can hear. Dial in filters, drive, compression, and reverb right from the front panel. Does it sound just like a piece of gear from 1963? Who cares, it sounds like you.

Sits In Your Mix

Modern productions can be pretty full. Delay and reverb are important tools for adding glue and a sense of space, but it can be hard to fit them into a dense mix. Recirculate adds features like a transient control, ducking, gating, and powerful filtering to add depth and dimension to your mix without taking up too much space.

Heaps of Character

The brilliant thing about a feedback delay is that the character gets applied over and over with each repeat. Recirculate has 7 overdivable character options, 4 noise options, a compressor, modulation, granular delay, and a reverb that goes from slightly diffuse to epic, all of which get applied to each repeat. Again, and again. For Brando levels of character.


Simple Yet Deep: Craft simple or complex rhythmic echoes effortlessly with Recirculate, the intuitive
delay plugin designed for instant sonic enhancement.
Dual Time Control: Manipulate initial delays and repeats independently for unparalleled rhythmic
Flexible Delay Behaviors: Choose from Standard, Pitch Warp, Ping Pong, and Granular delay modes
for unparalleled creative versatility.
Sync with Precision: Quickly align your echoes with note values, steps, or milliseconds for perfect
Shape Your Sound: Mold your echoes with high and low cut filters featuring morphable shape
Transient Designer: Keep or remove transients in your echoes, ensuring rhythmic precision without
Dynamic Mastery: In-built Compressor, Ducker, and Gate offer advanced control over echo
Character Section: Delve into 28 unique character and noise combinations for a distinct echo
Ethereal Reverb: Enrich your echoes with a sublime reverb, perfect for creating diffuse repeats or
lush tails.
Soundstage Controls: Utilize Chorus, Spread, XFeed, and Granular Spray to add depth and
Dry FX: Blend Recirculate’s character and tone into the dry path to integrate the delay and elevate the whole performance.