Unleashing Sonic Fury: Pegcity Pickups Angry Widows Review

As a dedicated fan of high-output pickups, my recent revelation was the absence of Alnico 8-powered pickups in my guitar collection. Enter the Pegcity Pickups Angry Widows, a pair of high-output humbuckers that not only ignited my curiosity but also added a new sonic dimension to my musical arsenal.

Let me share my journey with these pickups, now residing in my Gibson SG, affectionately dubbed Phony Iommi due to its visual homage to Tony’s iconic guitar.

The Angry Widows wasted no time in asserting their sonic dominance. Instantly, I found myself transported to the Palm Desert metal scene, where gritty mids and an aggressive, raw punishing tone ruled the sonic landscape. Playing through a VOX AC30 with the gain cranked, the pickups roared with intensity. Transitioning to my Marshall JCM 2000, I noticed a subtle smoothing of tones, retaining the pickups’ touch sensitivity and delivering endless sustain—a characteristic that remained consistent across both amps.

Curious to explore the softer side of the Angry Widows, I plugged into my Roland JC120. Switching to the neck pickup and dialing back the volume, I discovered a surprising versatility. The pickups not only delivered crystal-clear cleans but also facilitated enjoyable jazz runs with full and musical tones—a testament to their beautiful voicing.

Pegcity Pickups prides itself as Canada’s #1 home for hand-built, hand-wound guitar pickups. The Angry Widows exemplify this commitment, crafted with precision and utilizing Alnico 8 magnets to achieve dynamic note separation, tight low-end response, and a balanced midrange. Whether diving into metal, doom, punk, or hard rock, the Angry Widows deliver a sonic onslaught with undeniable Alnico 8 attitude.

Alnico 8, while less common than Alnico 5, takes center stage in the Angry Widows. Comprising 7% Aluminum, 15% Nickel, 35% Cobalt, 4% Copper, and 5% Titanium, this magnet type shares characteristics with ceramic magnets, offering a very high output level, pronounced treble, and excellent definition. The result? Gritty, thick, and warm tones that make Alnico 8 an excellent choice for the bridge pickup, though a paired set is entirely possible.

For those seeking a powerful and aggressive tone, Alnico 8 magnets are the ticket. With an Angry Widow set, you’ll experience heightened output, increased low mids, and a smoother treble response. The bass presence is substantial.

The Pegcity Pickups Angry Widows have earned their place as a sonic force to be reckoned with. They embody the perfect marriage of power, aggression, and versatility, making them a must-consider option for any guitarist seeking to expand their tonal palette. The Angry Widows are not just pickups; they are the architects of a sonic revolution.