Bud Light Party Cruise Recap: Day 2 – Paradise Island

video inside post I find myself sitting here in New Hampshire post ice storm hell thinking back to a warmer time. For those of you unfamiliar with the latest happenings in the Northeast we recently had ice storms that crippled the infrastructure of our fine state. I found myself without power, heat or water during a bitter cold New England winter for 6 miserable days. As I sat shivering in my heatless house I found myself sipping on a Bud Light thinking back to warmer times.

Just over a month ago I joined Bud Light and almost 5,000 revelers for 3 sun soaked days aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Sea. Day Two we found ourselves docked at Nassau. At the end of the dock in the middle of paradise was a Starbucks.

I thought this would be a great place to check my email and catch up with some video blogging I was hoping to do. I settled in and banged out a great live video blog for the site only to have the internet at Starbucks to crash. It was like the vacation gods were telling me to get off my ass and go have some fun.

It seems like the people from the boats were heading to the bars and the beachs. One popular destination was Paradise Island’s Atlantis Resort. Atlantis on any given day is a people watching spectacular. They have a beautiful casino, clubs even a movie theater along with their 6 or 7 restaurants.

Photos courtesy of Stephen Garnett.  (Click for full image.)

I would love to make this column a bit longer but all we did this afternoon was relax kick back and enjoy ice cold Bud Lights. So enjoy the video footage of day 2 and these great shots by Stephen Garnett. I will be getting back to you with day 3 and the private concert by All American Rejects, Bare Naked Ladies and OAR.