BunnyRanch Asks for Government Bailout for Nevada’s Oldest Profession

The owner of the 53-year-old World Famous Moonlite BunnyRanch, home of HBO’s CatHouse Series, Dennis Hof, has seen the effects of the economy on many businesses nationwide. Although the BunnyRanch is seeing an increase in potential prostitutes Hof says, “the BunnyRanch needs the bailout money to guarantee success for the oldest profession in Nevada.”

The BunnyRanch is seeking bailout money just as automakers, insurers, securities dealers, and property developers have requested. Congress needs to consider the BunnyRanch as an equally important business. For many years the BunnyRanch has provided services to men and women from all walks of life. Historically many of our customers have included Washington insiders and Wall Street executives, but with the current recession those customers are not visiting the BunnyRanch. Due to the illegal actions of those such as prior Governors and Senators our financial support from the government has decreased as many fear the ramifications of the public learning of their visits to the legal side of prostitution at the BunnyRanch. The 111th Congress being comprised of the Democratic majority will further decrease our congressional visits as the Republicans spend more money.

The BunnyRanch may not feel the same dramatic effects such as the automakers, but, “we too can use the financial support that the government is willing to issue other companies,” says Hof. A bailout amount of $1 Billion will see that the BunnyRanch makes it through these trying times and can further the success of the silver states oldest profession. This business is part of American culture and the United States government should support its culture.

Fulfilling fantasies may be the farthest thing from some people’s minds as they continue to lose money, which may lead many individuals into a state of depression. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs depicts, sex is a primitive physiological need. As a nation we need to find the positive in life and fulfill those basic needs during these difficult times. That is precisely why the BunnyRanch needs the support of the government to revitalize those individuals who require that their needs are met.

Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite BunnyRanch