Howard Stern: Jennifer is Selling Her Virginity at the Bunny Ranch for $1M

Once again, Howard Stern had a girl on the air who was selling her virginity at the Bunny Ranch. We only know her as Jennifer and she was in the studio this morning, with her mother, announcing that her virginity was for sale for the (negotiable) price of… (queue Dr. Evil imitation) one million dollars.

If you are interested, along with the virginity comes a doctor’s certification that Jennifer has not had sex before and her hymen is completely in tact. Jennifer is accepting bid starting immediately.

Oddly enough, Jennifer’s mother was laying on the sales schtick even harder than her daughter, claiming no man has even seen her naked before, so that is an added bonus for the low, low cost of $1M. Howard asked the good questions, as always, and Jennifer did seem very virginal and innocent, but almost in an asexual way.

After the original interview, Cami Parker from the Bunny Ranch came in and told Howard she would remove Jennifer’s clothes whether she liked it or not. Howard rejected the proposal questioning the legality of the action. Cami then showed Jennifer how to give a good blow job on a big black dildo.

Cami was a “prize” in Howard’s “Bang my Dad” contest back in June. Below are a few pics of her at the time, but her boobs appear to be much bigger now as you can see in one of the pics. You can click any image below for the full-sized version. Cami is the blonde, virgin Jennifer is the brunette:

According to Howard, you can bid on Jennifer’s virginity at You can also see more of Cami and her new boobs there, as well as galleries of all of the other Bunny Ranch girls. Check out to see when this episode will air on Howard’s On-Demand Cable channel.