Lifestyles Condoms Debuts “The SKYN Revolution”

NEW YORK, NY (March 25, 2009) — LifeStyles® Condoms, one of the nation’s leading condom brands, today announced “The SKYN Revolution,” an advertising campaign introducing the SKYN® Condom – the first safe and effective condom made of polyisoprene, a revolutionary, latex-free material.

The first of its kind on the market, the non-latex SKYN Condom is a huge step forward for the category. Not only does SKYN® minimize the possibility of natural rubber latex allergies (Type I) for users, its performance and efficacy is clinically proven; it tested well for sensitivity and comfort; and it is designed to enhance sensation. SKYN® provides protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, while letting users experience a condom that feels like wearing nothing at all.

The accompanying advertising campaign, titled “The SKYN Revolution,” also sets LifeStyles Condoms apart from its competitors and traditional condom advertising, by using sensuality rather than humor to sell condoms. The company has created a commercial that features couples in intimate situations, a bold yet realistic move by this condom brand. While condom advertising in the past centered on humorous situations, the LifeStyles Condom brand uses real, amorous situations to promote the use of a condom.

“’The SKYN® Revolution’ will not only modernize the way people think about sex, but also how they think about safe sex,” said Carol Carrozza, VP of Marketing for Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, the makers of LifeStyles® Condoms. “The LifeStyles brand strives to provide the safest products on the market, while also meeting the needs of our consumers. We believe our SKYN Condom does just that, and ‘The SKYN Revolution’ campaign showcases our dedication to innovating both protection and pleasure. That’s why we used sensuality as a platform for conveying a safe sex message.”

Conceived and executed by LifeStyles’ advertising agency of record, Boston-based AMP Agency, “The SKYN Revolution” will debut as a multi-channel campaign on television, radio and online. Targeting the 18-24 male demographic, the multi-platform campaign will run on national television, online at and, among other sites, as well as on urban radio in New York, Chicago and Atlanta.

“Creatively, the campaign is a game changer for the category in the expressive way we’re marketing an innovative new product with a safe sex message,” said Peter Gwinn, Creative Director at AMP Agency. “Through a series of different vignettes, the progressively paced spot embraces the target audience through its exciting honesty and inference of heightened pleasure.”

Further differentiating the campaign from its competitors, the highly avant-garde television spot was shot with one of only three SI2K cameras in the world, the same camera used to film Slumdog Millionaire, which won the Academy Award® for Best Achievement in Cinematography. The camera lends to the intensity of the spot, allowing for the highest definition, closeness of shot and stark contrast in brightness.


LifeStyles Condoms is a consumer products division of Ansell Healthcare Products, LLC, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Ansell Limited a global leader in healthcare barrier protective products with operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at