Bethesda Sells 12M Units of Fallout 4

Video Game Roundtable Episode 238: The 13th Strikes Again. No, you’re not going backwards in time. This is the episode that was supposed to air a few weeks ago but was sidetracked by a faulty power supply. Of course, the episode was recorded on Friday the 13th, back when Fallout 4 was fresh and new.

The old news includes: Bethesda sells 12M units of Fallout 4 for $750M at launch, October 2015 NPD: Xbox One won the month, despite PS4 price drop, Rapper predicted Smash Bros. future and Night Dive working on complete remake of System Shock, discussing System Shock 3

The Question of the Week, “Do you or have you pulled videogame all-nighters on weeknights?”, was repeated in episode 239. But you can still answer the question.

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