“Live from the Linc” – Eagles vs. Giants / Phillies vs. Yankees Live Blog

droid-wideWe’re here, Live, in Wachovia Lot F just across the street from Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park… Ground Zero for the double-sport double-header that is about to happen as the Philadelphia Eagles play host to the division rival New York Giants at 1:00pm EST, then at 8:20pm, the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies host the best team money can buy in the New York Yankees.

All updates will be made from the sports complex via the Motorola DROID and the Verizon Wireless 3G Network. All images, audio and video will be recorded and edited on the Droid as well.

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It seems like the insane crowd left the Eagles game, went to their cars, changed from green into red, then crossed the street to start all over again.


Fans were ordered to leave the lots immediately after the game to make room for Phillies parking. See the stampede out of here…


Yes, I am posting a picture of a rainbow… stay tuned for bunnies and kitties.


The Eagles did their job now its time for the Phillies to do the same. Nobody is leaving the parking lot.


Eli sucks!


This game is over and it is only halftime.


Asante is still mad at Eli.


An Eagles rushing TD by a fullback? I don’t believe it.


Quite a few Giants fans in here today. This could get ugly. I’ve already heard some new uses for the F word.


Thanks guys!




Its tough with the Phillies and Giants having similar colors… there have been a few incidents of friendly out here already.


Now we’re getting warm…

The New York fans are starting to trickle in, but it looks like the girls are the only ones with balls… hardly any guys are wearing their colors. Frauds.


I’m disappointed in the lack of sexy costumes on the girls today. I’m sure the cheerleaders will make up for that.


Breakfast of Champions


Its 10am and I’ve already accomplished more on this Droid today than I have in the previous three home games combined on the iPhone.

The excitement is starting up here, but so is the rain.

Haven’t seen too many Giants or Skankees fans today.


Brats, eggs and Philly soft pretzels..
brats n eggs!


Nothing yet…


We’re here and it is miserable out. There is both anger and rain in the air. The coals are getting hot though.