Ringo Star Returns To Boston’s Bank Of America Pavilion

Ringo StarrRingo Star Returns Tuesday, June 29 7:30p To Boston’s Bank Of America Pavilion

When I’m 64 was the question in 1967 when Ringo was a lad of 26 years old. Now that we are in the last few days of Ringo Starr being 69 years old – (can you hear Stevie Nicks singing “On The Edge Of Seven-Tee”??) and what appears to be 31 concerts on a 30 city tour, Bostonians are privileged to get to hear one of The Beatles in concert this Tuesday, June 29, eight days before one of the most famous drummers in history turns 70.

According to RingoStarr.com Boston is the fourth city to get the show…and Ringo will again sing a track from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the immortal “With A Little Help From My Friends”, as well as “Octopus’s Garden”, “Yellow Submarine” and his solo hits “Photograph” – with that gorgeous Richard Perry production work swimming in your head when played on the radio, the late Jack Nitzsche’s incredible orchestral arrangements combining to make a latter-day Phil Spector Wall of Sound (can it be ten years since the passing of Nitzsche?)…

Before Rick Derringer hit in 1973 with “Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo” (a song that was said to have launched when a program director at WRKO 680 AM in Boston edited the version on Derringer’s solo album and started playing it), the tune appeared on Edgar Winter’s live Roadwork album. So this is a treat to have Derringer and Winter reunited with Ringo to bring that 38 year old (at least to the public) chestnut back to life.

Speculating on what Ringo can do in the future is also a joy. Imagine if he toured with guests performing songs from the complete Sgt. Pepper’s album, including “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane”. Maybe Denny Laine from Wings and former post-Beatles alum from John, Paul, George and Richard Starkey’s past could be part of the fun! Or even putting the bill of the famous 1966 tour back together and Ringo doing an entire set of what The Beatles performed live. That’s material for the drummer-turned-singer to ponder and for we humble fans to speculate on.

The 11th All Starr Band tour featuring Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, guitarist/vocalist Richard Page from Mr. Mister (show your love for Ringo by actually listening to a Mr. Mister tune!), Wally Palmar(the guy from the Romantics), Rick Derringer and Gregg Bissonette (the dude who played drums on “Smoke On The Water” for the Pat Boone heavy metal CD) is certain fun to be had. Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer makes it a “Roadwork” reunion of sorts, yes? The sublime Gary Wright of “Dreamweaver” fame and the surprises Ringo always brings to his compelling concerts is a reason we like to check in on this living legend
when he graces the Boston area with his presence.

Tuesday, June 29 7:30p

by Joe Viglione