100 Hooters Girls From Around the World Compete in the 14th Annual Miss Hooters International

Hooters Girl Bikini.jpg100 Hooters Girls From Around the World Compete in the 14th Annual Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant on July 10th in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The most beautiful Hooters Girls from Hooters’ 455 locations around the World will be competing at the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant on July 10th. This year, 100 Hooters Girls from Australia to Atlanta are heading to Fort Lauderdale, FL to compete for $150,000 in cash and prizes at the 14th Annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant.

The Hooters Girl contestants were selected to represent their hometowns by competing in local swimsuit contests or were individually chosen to represent their Hooters location. They were selected from over 17,000 Hooters Girls worldwide who presently work in one of the 455 Hooters restaurants across the world.

The week leading up to the pageant the Hooters Girls will be participating in Hooters Magazine and Hooters Calendar photo shoots as well as supporting charitable efforts. On Monday, July 5th the Hooters Girls will pack 20,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief agency that delivers meal packets throughout the world. The Hooters Girls will also be making a trip to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, July 7th to visit the children there.

The 14th Annual International Swimsuit Pageant will take place at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and will be broadcast live on Spike TV at 9 PM ET on July 10th, shown in Hooters restaurants across the country and streamed live at Hooters.com. From evening gowns to swimsuits, the contestants will be judged by a distinguished panel of celebrity judges and photographers.

The first place contestant, Miss Hooters International 2010, will return home with the crown, title and the $50,000 first place prize. She will represent Hooters for the year and be featured in the Hooters Magazine, Hooters Calendar and appear in national TV commercials.

Other awards will be presented to Miss Hooters World, representing Hooters 28 international countries; Miss Hooters Congeniality; Miss Hooters Magazine Reader’s Choice, who is selected based of voting at www.Facebook.com/Hooters and Miss Photogenic.

Hooters of America, Inc. is the franchisor and operator of over 455 Hooters restaurants in 42 states and 28 foreign countries. The first Hooters opened in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida. Hooters is well-known for its brand of food and fun, featuring a casual beach-theme atmosphere, a menu that features seafood, sandwiches and Hooters nearly world famous chicken wings, and service provided by the All-American cheerleaders, the Hooters Girls. For more information about Hooters visit www.hooters.com.

    First   Last                                                   Years as
     Name   Name       Age   City      State  Country     Hooters     HG
    -----   ----       ---   ----      -----  -------     -------  --------
  Elicia    Kuhl        27 Birmingham    AL    USA   Birmingham   4 years
  Stacy     Bullock     22 Huntsville    AL    USA   Huntsville     8 mos.
  Kaylee    Farris      23 Ft. Smith     AR    USA   Ft. Smith      3 years
  Rachel     Mortenson  25 Phoenix       AZ    USA   Phoenix        3 years
  Carla     Valdiserri  19 Tempe         AZ    USA   Tempe          6 mos.
  Theresa   Trujillo    23 Campbell      CA    USA   Campbell       3 years
  Cindy     Quiralte    23 Fresno        CA    USA   Fresno         4 years
  Elizabeth Moomjian    23 Fresno        CA    USA   Natomas        4 years
  Sherri    Lansang     23 Long Beach    CA    USA   Long Beach     4 years
  Adiamond  Baker       23 Denver        CO    USA   Colorado Blvd. 4 years
  Meagan    Cyr         24 Clearwater    FL    USA   Clearwater     5 years
  Lindsey   Way         21 Ft. Lauderdale FL   USA   Cypress Creek  1 yr. 5
  Janet     Layug       21 Lakeland      FL    USA   North Lakeland 3 years
  Casey     Luckey      28 Melbourne     FL    USA   Melbourne      5 years
  Amber     Workman     22 Orange Park   FL    USA   Orange Park    4 years
  Jessica   Moody       24 Orlando       FL    USA Waterford Lakes   4 1/2
  Megan     Corley      19 Orlando       FL    USA Orlando Airport   1 1/2
  Ally      Durant      28 Pensacola     FL    USA    Midvale       8 years
  Sam       Wiggins     23  Pensacola    FL    USA    Pensacola     4 years
                             Beach                      Beach
  Carra     O'Sullivan  22 Sarasota      FL    USA   Sarasota       5 years
  Ashley    Held        21  West Palm Beach FL USA  West Palm Beach 2 years
  Ericka    Whitaker    27 Atlanta       GA    USA  Downtown       3 years
  Linzey    Bowens      20 Atlanta     GA    USA  Downtown Atlanta 2 years
  Michelle  Sacco       24 Atlanta       GA    USA  Cumberland     4 years
  Sam       Arena       21 Atlanta       GA    USA Cumberland     2 months
  Erin      Pawlak      21 Augusta       GA    USA   Augusta        8 mos.
  Gretchen  Worthan    27 Cartersville   GA    USA  Cartersville   4 years
  Ashleigh  Dunn        23 Newnan       GA    USA Newnan       4 1/2 years
  Sam       Adams       20 Roswell       GA   USA Roswell      2 1/2 years
  Alex      Phipps      24 Boise         ID    USA  Boise          4 years
  Kami      Galloway   24 Bloomington    IL    USA Bloomington 5 1/2 years
  Kelley    Stoddard    20 Chicago       IL    USA  Crystal Lake   1 year
  Kathleen  Edge   25  Fairview Heights IL   USA  Fairview Heights 1 year,
                                                                   9  mos.
  Clarissa  Hatton      18 Rockford      IL    USA  Rockford        3 mos.
  Krissy    Zoch        23 Rockford      IL    USA  Rockford       5 years
  Katie     Kempf       24 Evansville    IN    USA  Evansville    3 years,
                                                                   9 mos.
  Amanda    Mertz      22 Jeffersonville IN    USA  Jeffersonville 3 years
  Kari      Miller      24 Baton Rouge   LA    USA  Siegen Lane
  Tia       Jackson     25 Saugus        MA    USA  Saugus     5 1/2 years
  Victoria  Brown       22 Baltimore     MD    USA  Harborplace    3 years
  Sarah     Hinton      20 Lansing       MI    USA  Lansing        2 years
  Brittany  Richter     20 Roseville     MI    USA  Roseville      2 years
  Chelsie   Hurst       20 Saginaw       MI    USA  Saginaw        2 years
  Keri      Kranz       22 Columbia      MO    USA  Columbia       3 years
  Katie     Ellison  23 Kansas City   MO USA  Kansas City Speedway 3 years
  Mary      Casalme     24 Biloxi        MS    USA Biloxi   1 year, 8 mos.
  Sammy     Kuroski     22 Missoula      MT    USA  Missoula       2 years
  Kristen   Bouchillon  27 Greensboro    NC    USA  Greensboro     2 years
  Dominique Alfaro      19 Hickory       NC    USA  Hickory    1 1/2 years
  Stephanie Haney       25 Raleigh       NC    USA   Raleigh Airport 3 yrs
  Sam       Dressler    20 Bismarck      ND    USA   Bismarck     2 years
  Melissa   Lilly       23 Omaha         NE    USA   Omaha    4 1/2 years
  Tara      McGaha      22 Atlantic City NJ    USA  Tropicana      2 years
  Megan     Dedousis  24  East Brunswick NJ USA East Brunswick 4 1/2 years
  Karizma   Ramirez     19 Wayne         NJ    USA   Wayne          1 year
  Diana     Garzon      26 Fresh Meadows NY    USA  Fresh Meadows  13 mos.
  Alison    Heath       22 San Mateo     NY    USA  San Mateo     6 Months
  LeAngela  Davis       25 Columbus      OH    USA  Columbus       4 1/2
  Jessica   Pribonic    25 Toledo        OH    USA  Toledo   6 1/2 years
  Lauren    Waugh       21 Tulsa         OK    USA  Tulsa          8 mos.
  Adrean    Butler      25 Portland      OR    USA  Jantzen Beach  4 years
  Keereea   Veres       19 Altoona       PA    USA  Altoona        3 mos.
  Brittainy Taylor      21 Concord       PA    USA  Concord        2 years
  Jordan    Nolan       20 Anderson      SC    USA  Anderson       3 years
  Jessica   Lundy       19 Columbia      SC    USA  East Columbia  1 1/2
  Wendy     Foster      29 Rock Hill     SC    USA  Rock Hill      3 1/2
  Jessica   Sisk        22 Johnson City  TN    USA   Johnson City   1 1/2
  Courtney  Whittington 19 Memphis II    TN    USA   Wolfchase    13 mos.
  Kara      Harper      21 Murfeesboro   TN    USA   Murfreesboro   1 yr.
                                                                   10 mos.
  Brittany  Wolfe       25 Nashville     TN    USA  Rivergate      3 years
  Brittni   Reilly      19 Grapevine     TX    USA   Grapevine      1 year
  Courtney  Small       21 Grapevine     TX    USA   Grapevine     2 years
  Susan     Murray      25 Katy          TX    USA  Katy           5 years
  Brittany  Daniel      25 Killeen       TX    USA  Killeen        4 years
  Heather   Brady       22 Killeen       TX    USA  Killeen    4 1/2 years
  Elly      Mercado     25 Plano         TX    USA  Plano         3 years
  Linsey    Boggess     22 Plano         TX    USA  Plano     1 1/2 years
  Alyssa     Rodriguez  19 San Antonio   TX    USA  San Pedro 1 yr. 6 mos.
  Allison   Baker       20  Salt Lake City UT  USA  Pensacola      2 years
  Whitney   Williams    22 Chantilly     VA    USA  Chantilly      3 years
  CJ        Lancione    26  Newport News VA    USA  Newport News   7 years
  Ashley    Knight      23 Seattle       WA    USA  South Park 5 1/2 years
  Rachel    Fashing     24 Madison       WI    USA  Madison        7 years
  Maribeth  Hetzer      18 Huntington    WV    USA  Huntington     3 months
  Arlet     Velez          Acapulco         Mexico Acapulco
  Donna     Watson      29 Cancun            Mexico Cancun         6 mos.
  Kris      Badilla     22 Costa Rica       Costa Rica  San Jose   3 years
  Anna      Kriegel     19 Frankfurt        Germany    Frankfurt  7 months
  Catha     Perez       21 Gran Canaria     Spain   Grand Canary  5 months
  Wendy     Linares     27 Guatemala        Guatemala City     2 1/2 years
  Lisa      Pantke      26 Karlsruhe        Germany  Karlsruhe    9 mos.
  Naty      Gaviria     22 Medellin         Colombia  Medellin    10 mos.
  Vanessa   Timperio    22 Montreal         Canada     Montreal   1 year
  Rosanna   Newman      21 Nottingham       England   Nottingham 18 months
  Valery    Rivera         Panama City      Panama
  Kylie     Whyte       20 Parramatta      Australia Parramatta     10 mos.
  Samantha  Hudyma      24 Toronto         Canada   Toronto Airport 6 years
  Jamaica   Nicolson    21 Umhlanga       South Africa  Umhlanga    1 year
  Alison    Adams       24 Winnipeg       Canada     Winnipeg       4 years
  Violeta   Castillo    24 Dominican Republic  Santo Domingo  3 mos.