COMIC CON 2010: New Lego Universe MMO Video Game Trailers

A bunch of trailers have been released for LEGO Universe, the new promising family friendly MMO that utilizes our favorite building toy. The first trailer below, “Pets”, shows off how LEGO pets will be implemented in the game.

The “Factions” trailer describes how a player’s choices will affect the world around them, while the “Partner” trailer details how a total LEGO fanatic helped with technical consulting.





About Lego Universe:
Join the battle to save Imagination! Become a custom LEGO® Minifigure to help push back the dark and destructive Maelstrom!

You’ll adventure among endless creative worlds completing challenging missions with your friends! Expand your arsenal of gameplay skills to earn a lavish supply of LEGO bricks!

Bring your bricks back to your own LEGO Universe world, where you can build anything you can imagine–then bring your models to life! Share certain creations only with your friends, or build a living LEGO world that will wow any player!

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