Did Kate Gosselin Get a Brazilian Wax?

kate-gosselin-bikini-4The internet has been abuzz about Kate Gosselin’s new hair cut. Kate “endured” a 20-hour makeover by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson. First off I would love to slap anyone that says you are enduring being pampered for 20 hours. The big question is how much of a wreck is Kate the human clown car that it took 20 hours to pull her together.

This is not the first step on the path of recreating Kate. Kate has recently had a tummy tuck and a breast lift has been rumored. Now that she has spent 20 hours in the salon TMR would like to know did she get the total treatment. Are we talking manicure, pedicure and waxing? Did Kate get a brazilian?

For those of you unfamiliar with the procedure The “Brazilian” is not a regular bikini wax. A regular bikini waxing cleans up the thighs and “frames” everything. With the “Brazilian” the beautician cleans house. Pubic hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between. The desired effect is a “landing strip”, often women opt for everything removed.

72301840I am wondering it this is preparation for the typical 16th minute of a reality stars’ 15 minutes of fame. As the paparazzi start to disappear and the interviews are less frequent inevitably we see one of two things happen.

Detox or leaked sex tape. Kate has no addiction demons that we know of; she has never been tied to drug of alcohol abuse. Is she cleaning up for what with eventually be a private tape that was stolen and distributed without her permission? If this is the case I would think she didn’t get the bikini wax, a Brazilian is in order for this event.

I am hoping for the $7000 spent by People magazine for this makeover it was a complete makeover. If Kate Gosselin walked out of that session with “winterbush” looking like a 70’s porn star Ted Gibson needs to refund someone a bit of cash. So Kate are you going to let us know? Is it a landing strip, did you clean house or are you still rocking the winterbush? The TMR Zoo readers would love to know.