Jay Leno Sent To 11:30 While Conan O’Brian Is Sent To The Bank

conan-obrianIn the ultimate hot stove trade a multi network show deal has been struck for late night. The deal sends Jay Leno to 11:30 at NBC and Conan will get 40 million to jam his thumb in his ass for 3 ½ years. In a three way trade this sends Max Weinberg and The Tonight Show Band to the George Lopez show for two undisclosed players.

Jimmy Kimmel will now have the option to pick up Kevin Eubanks and John Melendez. It is doubtful that either option will be picked up with musical talents like Flava Flav and the ultimate hostess and mega slut Tila Tequila on the market.


With the Max Weinberg trade in play Craig Ferguson will now have to do Jimmy Fallon’s laundry Wednesdays and Fridays. This is until Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon’s ghosts rise up and bitch smack the bunch of them.

Conan O’Brian is now the highest paid person for doing absolutely nothing since. George W. Bush was paid a reported 200 thousand a year to be President of the United States. This figure shatters that number.

So Conan O’Brian is now the highest paid person doing absolutely nothing. Roughly 10 million per year not to work, I guess the recession is over. 10 million a year to not be funny; I guess I missed that job on HotJobs.com

So as the world is scraping up pennies to help earthquake survivors in Haiti. A redheaded comedian from Boston is getting 40 million dollars not to work in America. Boy do we live in a twisted world.