Brewdog Crafts Male Enhancement Beer for Royal Wedding – Royal Virility Performance

Those hooligans over at Brewdog are up to some new shannigans, this time paying homage to Prince William and Kate’s big day. Their new IPA, Royal Virility Performance, is one hell of an aphrodisiac with ingredients including chocolate… and herbal male enhancements.

For those of you not familiar with the Scottish troublemakers, they first gained international fame with their Tactical Nuclear Penguin at 32% ABV, made using a freezing technique to help get the beer up to this high alcohol level. When a German brewery beat them out, the Brewdogs not only responded with a fancy media campaign [video here], but also the 41% ABV Sink the Bismarck. Not to stop there, they later released The End of History which weighs in at 55% ABV and comes stuffed in a taxidermy grey squirrel. While these science experiments are nice, Brewdog does brew some regular brews that opt for taste instead of alcohol content. However, these punk rockers of the beer world sometimes can’t resist having a good time and that is why they have released Royal Virility Performance.

In the UK, everyone is going nuts and cashing in on the royal wedding. There are collectable plates, shirts, and everything else. In some ways, Brewdog’s release aims to mock this hoopla with a high quality product rather than some cheap crap simply branded as a “collectable”. On the other hand, maybe they are just putting their hat in the ring with everyone else. A 40%+ ABV product made through ice beer processes will never have anything on the quality of Sam Adam’s Utopias, the highest ABV through natural brewing process and incredibly sweet and delicious.

The real kick in this whole story, is that beer has been banned at the roayl wedding according to The Mirror. While the guest will be celebrating the nuptials with champagne and wine, it looks like maybe Brewdog has gone and ruined it for everyone. While some may say it’s not befitting to drink ale in the presence of her majesty the Queen, I would strongly beg to differ. Winos may be welcome to attend, but I guess I shall simply have to turn down my invitation and hang out with my homeboys Johnny, Jack, and Sam Adams, because here in America, we know that beer is no second glass citizen.

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