Graphic Video Shows Assault With a Crowbar in St. Louis Street Fight

I must warn you this content is extremely disturbing. A street fight in St. Louis was caught on tape. As one of the combatants seems to give up the fight and try to flee, she is attacked from behind. The girl is hit in the head with what is described off camera as a crowbar.

The girl instantly falls to the ground and starts to convulse. As the seizure kicks in the onlookers start to snap cell phone pictures. Eventually the unconscious girl is put in a car and rushed off to get aid.

Media Take Out is reporting that the girl in this video “may have died” and the police do not have any leads. I would think this video is a pretty good lead. You can clearly see the faces of the combatants and all of the on lookers.

Just 2 days ago St. Louis was named the 3rd most dangerous city in America. St. Louis, Missouri has a population of 355,151 and a violent crime per capita rate of 17.5. St. Louis saw 144 murders in 2010. St. Louis was topped on the list buy Detroit and Flint the crowning jewels of Michigan.