Prepare for Hurricane Irene With These Great Cocktail Recipes

Looks like 2011 is the summer of natural disasters. We have some great cocktail ideas for those of you dealing with the earthquakes and Hurricane Irene in the US this week. To mark the yesterday’s 5.8 Earthpocalypse, Riazul Premium Tequila has quickly turned around a festive libation to calm the jittery nerves of bar and nightclub patrons.

Dubbed the Tremblement de Anejo, the cocktail is adapted version of the classic Earthquake cocktail (or Tremblement de Terre) attributed to French painter Toulouse-Lautrec. The name is a reference to the fact that the potent mixture creates a tremor within the imbiber.

The Tremblement de Anejo will be on tap by this weekend and through Labor Day at Manhattan Meat Packing District’s MPD Restaurant and Georgica restaurant Waintscott (in the Hamptons).

Riazul tequila has furnished a three-part cocktail recipe for at-home mixology: Tremblement de Anjeo- 1 part Riazul Añejo, 1 part Chartreuse Yellow, 1 part Brooklyn Gin, Combine with ice, and don’t stir— SHAKE IT! mixologists have come up with our own recipe for those of you getting ready for Hurricane Irene 2011. It is ineviable some of you will lose power on the east coast. Therefore we were careful not to give you a blender recipe. Here is a twist on an old classic for you folks.

Presenting the Riazul Hurricane: 2 oz Riazul Reposado, 2 oz Riazul Añejo, 1 Tbsp simple syrup, 2 oz passion fruit juice, 1 oz orange juice, juice of a half a lime, 1 Tbsp grenadine, orange slice and cherry for garnish

Remeber durring a natural disater water supplies can be in demand. ..Save the water, drink the Tequila.