Review: ChickenFoot III – More, Bigger, Better (“Big Foot” Music Video)

Chickenfoot III opens with a sonic slam between the eyes. The arena rocker Last Temptation has some echoes of The Who not a lift, but definitely a nod. Very dark and heavy, with a lethal dose of Joe Satriani ripping up and down the neck. The disk slides right to soon to be party anthem Alright Alright.

Different Devil the disk’s 3rd tune is a slightly different sound for Chickenfoot. It is a great song but it sounds a bit more like Kid Rock than it does Chickenfoot. Not that it is a bad thing, I happen to like Kid Rock. Still I think this ballad could have been saved for a little latter on the disk, it slows the momentum a bit.

Up Next gets us right back to rocking. This is what I feel Chickenfoot sounds like. Chad Smith is beating the crap out of the drums. Michael Anthony is putting on a bass clinic and Satch once again turns into the alien on guitar.

Lighten Up is yet another in your face Chickenfoot aural assault. The album continues down the familiar path you would hope it would take. Until you get to the song Three and a Half LettersThree and a Half Letters is American’s pleas for work set to a sonic background.  Sammy and crew set fan letters to a montage of ultra heavy guitar riffs. The tune is politically-neutral though it sounds like a hard rock message to the President.

Big Foot and Dubia Blues keep the adrenalin pumping. More arena rock goodness. Sammy is on top of his game vocally throughout the entire disk. The album closes out with the musically predictable Something Going Wrong. Predictable doesn’t mean bad. This country tinged tune is painted with steel guitars, violins and mandolins. I think it is the best song on the disk. The band moves out of their comfort zone and deliver an awesome piece of the work.

There is a hidden bonus track on the disk that is the heaviest tune on Chickenfoot III. This Michael Anthony driven beast is awesome. I would expect to see Mike’s fingers come flying off playing this tune live. Chad Smith shines on this song as he does on the whole album.

Chickenfoot III is the album you Van Halen fans have been waiting for. This album is available this Tuesday and being supported by a tour that kicks off in November. Having seen this band live I strongly suggest you get your ass to a Chickenfoot show. Once again the best Van Halen disk this year doesn’t have Eddie on it.