Fine Time with Rachel Fine Will Be Available for Free on

Competing with Howard Stern’s legendary interviewing skills is an impossible task, but now viewers have the opportunity to ask questions directly of their favorite characters from the Howard Stern Show universe via a new series, Fine Time With Rachel Fine, premiering today. Created by the producers of Howard TV On Demand (HTV), the new, weekly free web show hosted by Rachel Fine will at last allow Stern fans to control the conversation. The program’s unique format engages with viewers who can ask questions of Howard Stern Show favorites, including Celebrity Superfans, show regulars, and show staff members. Fans can post questions as well as postvideo with their questions via several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even plain old e-mail.

Click here to view the first episode:

Rachel Fine, who gained popularity with the Howard Stern Show audience from her co-hosting stint on The Bonus Show along with Jon Hein, will present the ten best fan questions to one guest on each show. The format will be informal and intimate as Rachel will telecast from inside the Howard Stern Studio, green room or offices as she seeks out the person who will answer viewers directly.

Viewers can check out to learn how to post their questions (submission instructions and rules are on right side of home page). Viewers can also tweet Rachel directly using the hashtag #FineTime, or they can e-mail her a text or video question to Video questions may be included in the show, so fans have the ability to actually appear on Howard TV. After the shows’ premieres on the website, they will then be available on Howard TV within two weeks.

The premiere episode will feature the loose-lipped and always candid Sal “The Stockbroker” Governale.  Other shows to follow will include Jon Hein, Wack Packer Marianne From Brooklyn, Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate and long-time on-air talent Fred Norris and Robin Quivers among many, many others.

RACHEL FINE, HOST: In addition to working as a TV Host for the Howard Stern Show, Rachel Fine is regularly seen reporting from the red carpets of New York Fashion Week and celebrity charity events. Outside of television, Rachel has built a global fan base who knows her best as a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. She recently released her debut album, “Own Your Own”; a neo-soul/trip-hop blend that pulsates with dark confessions and haunting melodies. Rachel also writes for The Huffington Post. More info at

Executive Producer for Fine Time With Rachel Fine is Doug Z. Goodstein, Supervising Producer is Mike Gange and Senior Broadcast Producer is Richie Wilson. Web Producer is Vincent Onorati.

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