Howard TV’s Rachel Fine Hot Bikini Tweet Picture Gallery (PICS)

rachel fine hot bikini pic post image

If you are a fan of the Howard Stern Radio Show, you’d know that fellow staffers Rachel Fine and Richie Wilson tied the knot last month and the wedding was talked about on many different levels on the show.

Soon after came the treat for Rachel Fine’s Twitter followers… hot bikini pics.

There is no better way to celebrate your Hawaiian vacation honeymoon than to tweet out hot bikini pics to your followers… and that is exactly what Rachel did. We have grabbed them all and now present them to you in the gallery below. Since pictures of Rachel in a bikini are few and far between, this is a real treat for her fans.

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As for Rachel’s photo, you can see the full-size, full quality images by clicking the thumbnails below:

Rachel Fine Hot Bikini Gallery:

In related news, we are currently looking for the Valerie Bertinelli bikini pic that Howard spoke to Valerie about on this morning’s show. All we can find are the old, but great, commercial and magazine cover pics.

Along with being the host of Fine Time with Rachel Fine on Howard TV, Rachel is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. She has a background in acting; and trained in opera and musical theatre. She performed in four national tours and has sung the national anthem for major sporting events. You can read about her point of view on things to do in Gloucestershire to enjoy the trip at the fullest level.

You can also check out some more of Rachel Fine at @RachelFineMusic or Of course, Fine Time on Howard Stern’s On Demand channel, Howard TV, is the best source to catch her.

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