Robin Thicke Sings Blurred Lines on Howard Stern Show (VIDEO)

This morning on the Howard Stern Show, Robin Thicke was in the studio to discuss, and perform, his hit single ‘Blurred Lines’. During the interview Howard and Robin (Thicke) talked about what it was like growing up the son of Alan Thicke and the difficulties that posed trying to break into music. The benefits, of course, was all the women that were around once his dad was single again.

Howard started the interview telling Robin that he had his had on the show in 1996… and that Alan said “one day you will play my son’s song on your radio show.” Robin seemed amused, but not shocked by the statement. They also touched on marijuana use, but Robin didn’t want to get into any details.

After talking about the origins of Blurred Lines and how it was written very quickly, Robin admitted the bar was now set very high for another hit. After a quick break, Thicke performed the song in the studio, and trotted in three scantily clad backup singers/dancers, ala the video, to accompany him.

Check out some brief clips of the interview and performance below:

Robin Thicke Sings, and Discusses, Blurred Lines on Howard Stern Show:

Since it is the Howard Stern Show, of course Robin was grilled about his sex life. He admitted it was pretty tame. He has been with his wife, Paula Patton, since he was 15, although there were some on and off time since then. He did say that he and his wife are open to bring other women into the bedroom.

The Robin Thick ‘Blurred Lines’ interview and performance can be seen in their uncensored entirety on Howard TV, Howard Stern’s On Demand Cable network, starting tomorrow.