Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner Sexting Partner, on Howard Stern Show (PICS)

Sydney Leathers, the sexting partner of Anthony Weiner, former U.S. Congressman from New York City was interviewed this morning on the Howard Stern Show. If there is any venue most appropriate for an interview regarding the sexting and cyber-sex practices of someone nicknamed “Carlos Danger”, it would be the Howard Stern Show. Howard grilled Sydney or every little detail of what Weiner was into sexually.

Leathers spent much of the interview giggling about Mr. Dangers‘ exploits and habits. She said everything was about how good he thought he was and how every interaction they had focused on him and his “abilities”. He would tease about meeting up but it never happened. Howard speculated that in Weiner’s mind, what he was doing wasn’t cheating on his wife, so he kept it a sexting relationship.

Howard asked if she was angry with Weiner and Sydney admitted that she was, even if it was just a little. She felt he dragged her into the situation and the limelight. She knows his deepest and darkest sexual secrets, however sordid, but then he would act like the good husband in public with his wife.

Below are some photos of Sydney Leathers from various sources around the interwebs. Click any thumbnail below to see the full-sized image in a new window… if you want to:

Sydney Leathers Image Gallery:

Sydney said Carlos would always remark about her “smooth p*ssy” and he was obsessed with it fully shaved. Sorry, we are not posting those pics.

Immediately after her interview on Howard Stern Show, Sydney Leathers left that studio and went into another to record a new song “Weinerizer”… probably akin to songs previously played on the Show from Tan Mom and Jonah Falcon.

Sydney Leathers Howard Stern Show Interview Video Clip:

The Sydney Leathers /Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger sexting scandal interview will be aired in its uncensored entirety on Howard TV, Howard’s On Demand cable channel. Usually interviews air the day after the actual interview takes place. Check for the schedule.