Holiday Survival Guide: With Groupon Now You Can Give Yourself a Holiday Gift.

I have been going full tilt the past couple of days. Year-end here at TMR is no joke. We have to compile out year-end best-of lists, and this is when we plan our strategies for next year. On top of all this confusion I have to buy gifts for 5 co-workers, 3 kids, a wife and multiple extended family members.

After circling the mall parking lot 6 times and getting flipped off by a Betty White look alike I figured it was time to leave the mall. I downloaded Groupon Now! on my Droid and planed my next move.

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Groupon’s mobile, location-based app offering real-time deals at hotspots near you, offers the perfect solution for enduring the mall crowds. The solution? Just. Bail. This is why they invented the internet. Using Groupon Now! on your mobile device, find a local restaurant offering a tasty, affordable lunch and have your way with

I got an awesome deal on an awesome meal and the restaurant had free wifi. I pulled out my laptop at the restaurant and got my Holiday Shopping done in 30 minutes. Do yourself a favor and download this great app