’s Links of the Week – Part One is a online site highlighting some of the coolest and/or most unusual items that you could ever want to purchase on the internet. Think of it as for the adventurous. allows you to create your own beatbox band with a simple drag and drop flash program. You can then share your song on Facebook and Twitter or download it.

The Useless Web showcases bizarre and do-nothing websites. Click on the big Please button and see such wonders as and You can spend hours lost in a sea of incredibly bad and empty cyberspace.

Dear Blank, Please Blank
is a simple premise, Dear something, statement, Sincerely Someone. Sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they are inspiring, but as quick as reads as they are you will keep scrolling to see the next ode.

Wonder How To is not the typical “how do you do this?” web help site. It’s articles are created by members of the site and rated by them too. Topics include everything from Smart Phone tips, Computer Hacks, Minecraft, to Gun Cleaning.