Is The USA Getting Ready For Another War!? (Video)

This video filmed in Watsonville, CA South of Santa Cruz shows a never ending shipment of tanks, headed where we do not know. There is one thing for sure these Army/Marine vehicles are not designed for peace keeping. One could argue this could be a bit of saber rattling by the US Government but if that was the case we have a lot more bad-assed weapons than tanks to show off.

Never the less I am thinking the next parking space for these bad boys will be somewhere in the Middle East. It is very doubtful we are sending these tanks to defend the US – Canadian border. Then again we do still owe the Canadians for sending us Justin Beiber. He is justification for us to blast off a few rounds into the Great White North.

All kidding aside. This is an impressive caravan of military power, take a look I am sure you will be impressed.