Suds With Securb: New Belguim Lips of Faith Are Your Perfect Choices for St. Valentines’ Day Beers.

This could not be a better week for these two beers to come across my desk. New Belgium Brewing’s Lips of Faith are the perfect beers for Valentine’s Day. Typically, I would not suggest buying your beloved beers on this holiday. In this case, you are safe coming home beer in tow.

The first of this release Biere de Mars is a Bière de Garde. The ale pours a cloudy orange color with a fluffy white head. Biere de Mars has a citrus driven aroma, a perfect fireplace sipper with wonderful citrus and spicy aromas. The dryness of the beer and the funk of the wild yeast give this beer an almost vinous quality to it. You will definitely pick up caramel and cinnamon esters in the nose of this beer. Cinnamon has been shown to increase sex drive it is a natural aphrodisiac.  How can you go wrong with this beer? 

The other Lips of Faith release Cocoa Mole is a complex chocolate driven treasure. The pour is as you would expect, cocoa brown with a huge tan head. The aroma is spicy with chipotle peppers fighting through the chocolate esters. The flavor reveals a bit more of the chipotle peppers as they slowly wake up your taste buds.

Chocolate as you know is also a powerful aphrodisiac, as is alcohol. Biere de Mars logs in at a modest 6.2 abv whereas Cocoa Mole is an big beer coming in at 9% abv. Both of these beers are the perfect finish for a great Valentines’ meal. Serve up the Biere de Mars with a lemon cheesecake. The Cocoa Mole? Well you can never have enough chocolate. A nice robusto cigar would also match up well with the Cocoa Mole.

If you can’t decide on which beer to go with do what I am doing. Have both.