Fun Factory Sees 300% increase in Smartballs Sales Due to Fifty Shades of Grey

TMZ just aired a story about the Fun Factory Smartballs relaying that, “women everywhere from the US to Dubai are calling the company to ask where to get the FUN FACTORY Smartballs Kegel exercisers,” The company Smartballs sales are up 300% in the last month.

FUN FACTORY thinks this success is largely due to the fact that Kegel balls are mentioned page 362 of New York Time’s best-seller “Fifty Shades of Grey”. The company sent a letter to the editor of the book last week to express their gratitude.

A press release from the Adult Novelty Group in the San Francisco Gate argues that the books’ success is the result of the growing pro-toy cultural climate. FUN FACTORY Emilie Rosan comments that, “there is a mutually stimulating effect between the rise of the Sex Toy industry in the last decade and the Publishing Industry bringing erotic novels into the mainstream society.”

The FUN FACTORY USAoffice, located in Los Angeles, currently has an employee working full time only on Smartballs orders and customer calls related to this product. “Last Friday, a 74 year old woman from Dubai contacted us to ask about ordering the Smartballs,” says a FUN FACTORY customer service rep.

TMZ talked about the rippling effect of the book’s success in the Sex Toy Industry and published a press release titled: “Fifty Shades of Grey linked to Vagina Ball Explosion”. Emilie Rosan, Marketing Director at FUN FACTORY USA says: “24 hours after TMZ’s story hit the website, we had to call our German factory and have them pick up a night shift to manufacture more Smartballs to fulfill the recent demand in the US market.”

“It’s an absolute explosion for us. This product was already endorsed by the medical profession and doing well, but with 50 Shades of Grey talking about Ben-Wa balls, our sales are out of control!” says Rosan.