Review: Maui Jim Sunglasses Summer Styles – The Best of Cutting Edge and Slick Retro

The dog days of summer are finally in full swing. The beaches are packed, summer festivals are kicking out tunes and you my friend are probably still rocking last year’s scratched up bargain-basement shades. Not only are good sunglasses important for UV protection. Great sunglasses tell the world who you are.

I think it was Shakespeare or maybe it was Leonardo DaVinci who said “the eyes are the window of the soul.” If this is true wouldn’t a great pair of shades be the ultimate window dressing?

With this concept in mind I have sampled quite a few brands of premium fashion sunglasses recently. All of the brands I sampled had strengths in various areas. I looked at lens clarity, scratch resistance, frame strength and availability of styles. One brand continuously rose to the top in every category, Maui Jim.

The first pair of Maui Jim sunglasses I tested was Maui Jim’s Pilot style in silver with neutral grey lens. The first thing I notice right off the bat was the solid construction of these frames and the attention to detail. Even the plastic molded earpieces are covered in a funky gray/black swirl design. One of the things that make the Maui Jim sunglasses so special is the polycarbonate lens. These are great impact-resistant lens with high-performance optics.

Despite their rouged construction the Pilot sunglasses are incredibly light. You almost forget you have them on. The soft rubber nose pads are also an upgrade, keeping the glasses from sliding off my nose. These throwback shades are ultra hip and very cool.

Another style of sunglasses that are making a huge comeback this year is tortoise shell frames, especially exaggerated prints. I gave a pair of the Maui Cat III in tortoise frames with HCL Bronze lens a try. Once again this is a very retro look (but I can pull it off). These are a very eye catching pair of shades. Every time I have worn the Maui Cat IIIs they would elicit some kind of question or inquiry about them.

One other big trend in sunglass this summer is white frames. If you are going to hit one of P Diddy’s parties in the Hampton’s this summer make sure you bring the white Maui Jim’s.

So it looks like ZZ Top telling us to “go get yourself some cheap sunglasses” was bad advice. A premium pair of shades will offer much better UV protection, comfort, style, and durability.  No one wants to replace their sunglasses once a month because they are falling apart. You will enjoy your Maui Jim’s for years to come. The bottom-line is you will also look so much better.