YouRock Guitar Launches Afordable Fully-fledged MIDI Guitar Controller

Reacting to ardent fan base demand, Inspired Instruments, Inc introduces the YRG-Pro project on Kickstarter.

The YRG-Pro is a fully-fledged MIDI guitar controller with advanced specifications for composing, recording and live performance. The YRG-Pro is compatible with a wide range of music composition and tablature software for use on the Mac, PC and iPad.

Designed for guitar players, the YRG-Pro has a solid wood body and neck, and includes significant advances from the original breakthrough patented design technology that was introduced to much acclaim in 2011.

New features include a full-size, 22 fret, standard spaced fingerboard with a 13 inch radius and the new Gen2 pickup system. For a full description go to:

“Kickstarter provides a unique model that allows both manufacturers and consumers to participate in disruptive products that may otherwise not make it to market,” said Chasey Elion VP of Operations and Marketing at YouRock Guitar. “Many of our customers are looking for a higher-end product suited to studio work and live performance. Crowdfunding is a great way to help bring this product to market,” said Elion.

Inspired Instruments, Inc. makes the first affordable, no latency MIDI guitar for the consumer and musical instrument marketplace. The company was founded late 2009 and started shipping its first YRGs in mid-2010. Since then, YRG was named “Most Innovative Product” in 2010 by USA Today, and has been featured in the New York Times Business Section, front page, in a story by David Pogue. Inspired Instruments, Inc. has been written up in respected musical industry publications such as Sound On Sound and Guitar Player Magazine. The brand continues to spread through wildly creative organic postings of all levels of players using the YouRock Guitar on YouTube.