Guitar Gear Review: Tremolo Black Box

So I finally broke down and bought my first Floyd Rose equipped guitar. While I like the smooth action of the Floyd Rose tremolo I have run into one problem. I have traditionally played fixed bridge guitars and have the habit of resting my hand on the bridge. With the Floyd Rose this can cause the guitar to go sharp and throw me out of tune with the rest of the band.

I started to look into blocks and stabilizers and was most impressed with the Tremolo Black Box. The Tremolo Black Box has a spring and piston therefor it still allows you full range with your tremolo while adding stability.

The Tremolo Black Box unlike a solid block still allows the user to pull up on the tremolo. As you bring the note sharp there is little fight and the action remains smooth. Your action bending forward remains unaffected. With more stability on the tremolo you also remove the “warbling” with your palm muting.

The Tremolo Black is an easy install. You simply set it against your tremolo block and fasten it with two screws. This not only makes the Tremolo Black a simple mod but an easily reversible mod if you decided to go back to a fully-floating Floyd Rose.

You can find the Tremolo Black, other trem blocks and a ton of other Floyd Rose upgrades and accessories on