Gittler Guitar Returns to Music Industry with High End Technology and Innovation

With only 60 models released in the 1980’s, the Gittler Guitar has become a legendary and iconic symbol of think-forward design. Allan Gittler was a musical visionary who aimed to dispel the common misconceptions which have been embraced by guitar players dating back to the 1930′s. He was able to banish all traditional notions of what a guitar “should” be, by methodically stripping away all that was unnecessary and redundant. By paring the instrument down to its most essential elements, the Gittler Guitar remains uniquely capable of exhibiting nuances that were previously unrealized by guitar players.

Featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art and Boston Fine Arts Museum, the instrument, consisting of 31 frets, is a striking minimalist design incorporating rounded cylindrical and ergonomic features. This newly improved unique guitar is made of aircraft grade Titanium and boasts a long list of exciting features that were either unavailable or unrealized up until now, including:

Electronics box (Ebox), 6 individual pickups of revolutionary design, Hexaphonic output capability, Patented locking string mechanism, Abrasion resistant Titanium construction, Active electronics and tone shaping circuit, LED fret marker lighting, Adjustable bridge, Strap anchor points and adjustable bout, Optional LOXX™ strap lock system, Deluxe version in gun-metal finish with Aerospace Teflon™ coating, Latest guitar technology

The Gittler Guitar will be introduced to the market at NAMM 2013, the largest musical instrument trade show worldwide. To learn more about the Gittler Guitar, contact Gittler Instruments at 631-342-0685, or visit