Review: The Blue Ox Jerky Company – Our Jerky Punches Gas Station Jerky in the Face

I have to admit I love great jerky. I also love a bit of attitude.  The Blue Ox Jerky Company has both. Every package of Blue Ox Jerky is emblazed with the tagline – “Our Jerky Punches Gas Station Jerky in the Face” and it does.

Blue Ox Jerky has a selection of what I almost would call gourmet meats. I refrain from using the term gourmet, only for the reason it is a bit pretentious for this balls-to-the-wall company. A company that proudly proclaims, “It’s common knowledge around here, real men eat jerky”.

Blue Ox serve up multiple meats in a variety of flavors. Teriyaki, sweet, spicy, peppercorn, garlic are aggressive versions of their styles, there is no lack of flavor. The ingredients have a fresh and natural taste, there is a homemade quality to the recipes. This attention to detail is very evident in their “Original Recipe” which has an old school BBQ vibe to it.  The “Original Recipe” is smoky with a nice balance of honey, garlic, and onion.

I was thrilled to see the variety of meats – beef, buffalo, turkey even elk and my all time favorite venison are available. The “Smoked Venison” is fantastic. It is reminiscent of the “Original Recipe”, hearty and flavorful. Where Blue Ox Jerky shines is the spices do not over-power or cover-up the taste of the meat.

It is evident these people are using quality meats and it shows in the final product. Try the brisket you will see what I am talking about.  This jerky is perfect for game-day as a companion for your favorite beer. Still refraining from the term “gourmet,” Blue Ox would go perfectly with a cheese platter for your wine and craft beer tastings. These smoked meats pair up perfectly with fine wines and high-end beers as well as they do with your favorite can of American brew.

Blue Ox has great samplers that allow you to try a magnitude of flavors.  There is also a “Servicemen’s Sampler” with over 2 lbs of meat in 2 oz bags. My marine son will be thrilled when this sampler hits his barracks this Christmas. Before purchasing your Blue Ox Jerky, like them on Facebook for a coupon code.