The Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow Era is Over in New York

The New York Jets have benched Mark Sanchez and dissed Tim Tebow. Third string quarterback Greg McElroy is getting the start against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Rex Ryan broke the news to the press today, somehow I get the felling this is not solely Rex’s decision.

Rex Ryan made the choice to live or die by Mark Sanchez’s arm. It seems the ax is coming down in New York and Woody Johnson is preparing to blow up the Rex Ryan experiment. I would expect a total house cleaning to take place in New York over the next few months.

Rumors have Jon Gruden as the next coach to try to turn around this team. If the Jets have interest they need to move quickly. Reports are that the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders are already talking to “Chucky”. Sean Payton and Bill Cowher are also names that have been whispered to take the helm of Gang Green.

I am sure the rest of the NFL is getting ready to feast on the carcass of the soon to be dead Ryan dynasty.  Mark Sanchez will get another chance to compete for a starting job. Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan for some reason seems to be obsessed with Tim Tebow. Rex Ryan will be a top prospect as a defensive coordinator. Even, the field goal loving Tony Sparano is sure to land somewhere in the NFL.