Videogame Roundtable Episode 133: Here Comes the PS4

This week is heavy on content on the PlayStation 4 unveiling as the next-generation approaches for both Sony and Microsoft – there’s no room for Nintendo in this episode. Nor is there a lot of Reader, er, Listener Feedback, nor any Gaming Flashback.

This week’s major news includes: Sony unveils PS4 at “See the Future”, Sony: Pre-owned game blockage “up to publishers” on PS4, Fans express outrage at offline/LAN play for console version of Diablo III, Rumor: Microsoft revealing next-gen console in April, Activision to have “fewer” licensed games out in 2013 and GameSpy, UGO, 1UP say farewell

The Question of the Week is “What was the first videogame periodical or site you enjoyed?”

Listen in on the player below, download it directly here, or subscribe to iTunes!

Jonah Falcon is a blogger for TMRzoo and and covers all gaming consoles and platforms including Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP and computer games designed for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Jonah provides his readers with reviews, previews, release dates and up to date gaming industry news, trailers and rumors.

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