2014 Lexus IS: A Display of Precision and Power (VIDEO)

Lexus recently launched a new(er) commercial for their 2014 Lexus IS, this time concentrating on the precision and power of the vehicle. Previously released commercials, as you may have seen during the 2013 U.S. Open, focused on separating the Lexus driver from the rest of the crowd… or in their terms “blend out”.

We had a chance to check out the 2014 Lexus IS at the U.S. Open and let me tell you, it is one sweet vehicle, which will absolutely make you “blend out”… but also has the power, functionality and comfort that will make you love to make your daily commute.

The latest commercial spot can be viewed below or the Lexus UK YouTube channel and features two ballerinas performing their own interpretive dance of “precision and power” to a kick-ass beat:

2014 Lexus IS: A Display of Precision and Power:

To see the the three Lexus ads as they ran during the U.S. Open check out the Lexus YouTube Channel at youtube.com/LexusVehicles

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