Howard Stern Interviews Kid Rock and Matt Lauer (VIDEO)

Howard Stern has been landing some big names on his show as of late and yesterday was no different. Howard had both rocker Kid Rock and the Today Show’s Matt Lauer in the studio within hours of each other. Just one day prior, our own Jonah Falcon, “Mr Maria Carey” Nick Cannon and Chris Rock were all in studio as well. The Stern show has been jamming it in to their three-day broadcast schedule.

First to be interviewed by Stern was Kid Rock, who explained his $20 ticket tour and had some things to say about Justin Bieber. A clip of the interview is below:

Kid Rock on the Howard Stern Show:

Shortly after, Matt Lauer was in the SiriusXM building. Howard actually had Robin Quivers do her news earlier in the show to accomodate Matt’s schedule since he came in AFTER broadcasting the Today Show. You can see that clip below:

Matt Lauer on the Howard Stern Show:

This 1-2 punch almost, almost, rivaled that of Howard hosting both Katie Couric and Tan Mom in the same day.

Both interviews are available in their uncensored entirety at Howard TV, Howard’s On Demand cable channel. To check out the schedules of both interviews, visit