Breaking Bad Lego Kits Could Be This Year’s Hot Holiday Gift (Video)

Look Mommy I built a meth lab! I can hear the shouts of joy from the kiddies on Christmas morning this year. This Breaking Bad Lego kit has parents groups up in arms. The kit depicts the cast of breaking Bad complete with a meth lab and all of the trappings.

Any parent that actually gets their panties in a bunch over this kit is for lack of a better word, and idiot. This is definitely a Lego kits marketed for adults. Yes, lots of adults still buy and play with toys. God forbid a kid actually gets their hands on this Lego set are they really going to know who Walter White is?

Worse case scenario is maybe, just maybe your kid might learn as bit about chemistry and combustible gasses.

The first run of these sets from Citizen Brick are already sold out. I am hoping Citizen Brick will do another run for the holidays. Cletus III is turning 7 this Christmas and it is about time he got some learning about the industries in this trailer park.

If the Breaking Bad Lego meth lab is not available I am sure there are other sets Cletus III would be happy with. A Boardwalk Empire Lego set complete with a brothel would be awesome. A Ray Donovan Lego set complete with a Hollywood whore handcuffed to the bathroom sink would also work. Only the best for my little Jesse Pinkman.