NHL 15 will be Missing Some Features on Xbox One and PS4

VGRT Episode 192: Longtime Listener – The podcast is back, albeit on a Saturday instead of the usual Friday. No Gaming Flashback or Gaming History, but a good chunk of news, though some of it only tenuously connected to videogaming.

The news this week includes: T-Mobile now offers app that unlocks your smartphone, Analyst: Downloadable titles make up 92% of PC games market, Driveclub was delayed due to a ‘huge technical issue,’ says Yoshida, NHL 15 will be missing some features on Xbox One and PS4 and YouTube subscription plan leaks: Offline play, no ads, 20 million songs

This week’s Question of the Week is based on the Minecraft convention scam from last week, which the podcast discusses, “Have you even attended a convention devoted to a game?”

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