Review: Dock Artisan Leather Wallet Combo Case for iPhone

The folks over at Dock Artisan are not new to the game of style and practicality. The Leather Wallet Combo case is a perfect example of those two aspects coming together in amazing unity. The case is made of genuine leather, unlike other imitators who use the artificial pleather. It features three slots for easy access to your ID, credit/debit card, what have you. It also features a standalone hard-shelled leather case with a metal plate inside which allows it to be attached magnetically to the right side of the case. It is a brilliant feature that allows you to easily remove your phone for texting, phone calls, and taking photos so you don’t need to be limited by holding the case like an open book.

Pros: This case is not bulky by any means. It fits inside of a pocket very comfortably, and doesn’t create an awkward bulge on your side.  The standalone hard-shelled leather case is very stylish by itself, so if for some reason you decide to just rock the case without the wallet attachment, you still can and it looks great. The stitching is incredibly strong, and each pocket has a synthetic liner, which allows your cash and cards to slide out effortlessly when they are needed.

This case is also lined with a microfiber material, so if you ever need to clean your screen, a cloth is never far out of reach.  When it comes to phone functionality, nothing is lost when the case is attached. You can still plug in headphones, and you can easily feel the vibrating motor when you get a call, text, or notification.

I mentioned that the combo case features a magnet that attaches the case to the wallet itself. I was worried about placing credit or debit cards near the magnet, or even having my phone constantly attached to it. The great news is that the magnet is weak enough where it doesn’t tamper with the magnetic strips on your cards or the electronics in your phone, but strong enough where if you pick up the case from the left flap and shake it around, your phone doesn’t budge.

Cons: This case does not feature a hole for your camera so you must remove the case from the wallet in order to take a photo. Your front camera, however, is not hidden once the case is folded open, so good news for you selfie-lovers.

In conclusion: All in all, this case is a must own for those who favor style and functionality when it comes to protecting your phone. You have all your important day-to-day items all in one convenient leather place, and they are never too far out of reach.

Dock Artisan is now taking pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus version of the case. Click here to do so: