Please, Do Not Wait Until Black Friday…”Turkey” Is The Key

We get a lot of gear and gadgets to review here at Over the years, one of the most impressive pieces of guitar gear we have demoed is the Brossard guitar pick. Since being introduced to the Brossard guitar picks they have not left the hands of any of our guitar playing staffers.

Brossard guitar pick support clear, articulate and precise playing. I have one of these sonic wonders in my hand for every note I churn out with my band. Brossard picks help me bang out bone-crushing power chords and float over the strings during my most intricate leads.

They are also beautiful to look at. I am wearing an abalone Brossard guitar pick on a silver chain as I type this. Take a look at our review of these sonic wonders and then head over to Brossard guitar picks to buy the perfect gift for yourself or the musician in your life.

Please, do not wait until Black Friday…”Turkey” is the key

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