Suds With Securb: Resin by Sixpoint Brewery is the Perfect IIPA

It is not often a craft beer comes along that not only makes it into my regular drinking rotation it makes its way into my lifestyle. What do I mean by lifestyle? While I am typing this review, I am sitting here with a freshly poured Resin on my desk while wearing one of my cool hoodies from Lonely Kids Club. It is simple to see I love this beer. Truth be told I love all of Sixpoint’s offerings, but today is all about Resin.

Resin is an IIPA (Imperial India Pale Ale) that is packaged in a tall-boy 12-ounce can. For those of you unfamiliar with this packaging think of your typical energy drink can.  These great ales come in a box of 6 cans. However, boasting an impressive 9.10%, I don’t believe that it will often be you will drink all six cans.

Another impressive number to look at when talking about Resin is it’s 100 IBUs (International Bittering Units). Yes, this craft beer is a hop-bomb but a great hop-bomb. It is too often brewers think throwing a shovelful of hops makes for a good IIPA. In the case of Resin, the hops and malts are perfectly balanced. There are huge pine and sap-like aromas that rise from the glass upon the pour. An educated guess tells me this is where the beer got the name.

The pour of the beer is a deep copper with touches of orange in the light. The off-white head is generous and leaves beautiful lacing on the glass. As I said, this is a big beer coming in at impressive 9.10%. The beer is so complex and balanced the alcohol is well hidden in the ale. There is a light mouthfeel to the beer that finishes with touches of grapefruit rind and mango.

Resin draws you in and dares you to take another sip. As you do, you might find more fruit esters and malt essences in the ale. It is a journey for your palate and an enjoyable one at that.

As I have said, Resin has made its way into my regular rotation of beers. The reason why is simple. This beer is perfect in every way. From the packaging to the last drop in your glass every part of your experience with this ale seems to be meticulously thought out by Sixpoint Brewery.

We do not have a 5 star or 1 – 100 rating system for craft beers on this site. So in lieu of a rating, I will simply repeat the word perfect.