Comic Review: Morgan’s Organs

We often think of ourselves as being governed by our emotions, but what if our actions were governed by our internal organs? That could certainly yield some comical results as our brain and sex organs battled with one and other, especially in our teens or early twenties; high school and college would certainly be a lot more interesting.

Imagine what your life would be like if your brain and love bits were fighting for control of you. If that sounds like the basis for some great comedy, then you will want to take the time to read Morgan’s Organs. This type of inner battle is exactly what happens in the title Morgan’s Organs created by writer Daniel Brodie, and drawn by artist Robert Jennex.

Morgan’s Organs is sharp and clean looking comic that skirts the edge without going over the line. While it would have been easy to go with full-on vulgarity (and graphic imagery), Brodie and Jennex instead chose to skim exact details in(both) the text and the images. This decision created comedy gold. Although it stands to say that this still remains a mature title.

Rather than creating the standard sort of humour we see populating the internet, the pair have instead created a quick flowing, clever comedy. The writing focuses on dialogue rather than a heavy narrative (or combination of the two). This choice moves the story along at a quick, even pace, as Brodie works in all the organs (and body parts) to have their say. Brodie’s approach, in how he writes the comic, works well with Jennex’s art style.

Unlike many comics that use heavy line work, Jennex’s approach brings everything to life and gives it personality, which supports Brodie’s dialogue focused writing.
Jennex uses a clean, cartoony style that is full of personality and into which he works a slew of Easter Eggs for the reader. The two men’s work meshes so well it gives the comic such a natural feel that its difficult to imagine a different approach.

The Easter Eggs I mentioned are a series of characters and references from popular shows, comics and video games that Jennex (quietly) works into the overall imagery.
I’m not going to give any hints so readers can have the added fun of finding them for themselves as they enjoy this series.

As always, the real question is – Is this comic worth your entertainment dollar?

The answer is, simply – yes.

Morgan’s Organs is fast, funny and light-hearted comic that finds a great balance throughout. This is a comic that is not only fun to read but to also reread, which says a lot for a comic. Not only has Brodie and Jennex taken the time to create a great title, they have also invested in producing a quality hard copy with the support they have received.

The vibrant pages are printed on a strong stock and rather than the standard 22-24 page format, Brodie and Jennex offer a 40 page book. Which they offer for $6 Cdn, a fairly standard price for an indy title.

You can follow them on Facebook, their Official Page (from which you can order issues as well) or support them on Kickstarter.

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