Guitar Gear Review: Hathor Pickups Strat Classic Set

I have to say there’s a touch of sass in the Strat Classic bridge

Hathor Custom Shop’s Strat Classic set is something I’ve been looking forward to checking out. Ever since I was blown away by the J90 Bridge, I can’t wait to try something else from this great shop out of Poland.

The set arrived very well-packed and with both black and nickel mounting hardware. This Strat Classic set has cream covers, but there are options for black and white.

Upon opening the box, I’m very much digging the staggered poles and the fiberboard flatwork. Each pickup has ample lengths of vintage style lead wire. The middle position is RWRP for noiseless operation in 2 and 4.

For this evaluation, I went with a mahogany body with a maple neck and rosewood board. Installation is a snap and we are off and running.

Starting with what can be a big area of opportunity for many players, I immediately run through some clean amp settings. The glass and chimey nuance of the Strat Classic set literally made me want to play more. There are many levels of ‘clean’ tones on the Axe-Fx II XL+ and I rocked them all. This is a benchmark level of a goal that I really want to listen for when it comes to single coils.

From there, it’s time for amp tones that are more crunchy and even downright heavy. This also allows great insight as to how well the Strat Classic set responds to tweaks of the guitar’s volume knob. Of course, it’s also a great barometer for the degree that things hold up in the low end.

I have to say there’s a touch of sass in the Strat Classic bridge. It likes to purr, but it will bite when provoked. The Alnico 5 rods are blended well with a nice coil wind to offer up a good balance of strength and flavor. I like how something similar is happening in the Alnico 2 rods of the neck position. While being richly sweet, it’s not too thick or definitely not mushy. The middle position is where I kept going back for strong single note lines and harmonically rich chords. The snappy quack of 2 and 4 rounds out a set that’s a dream in every position.

Check out these specs:

DC Resistance – 6.363 K
Inductance – 2.877 H
Magnet – Alnico 5 Rods

DC Resistance – 5.966 K
Inductance – 2.47 H
Magnet – Alnico 5 Rods

DC Resistance – 5.538 K
Inductance – 2.299 H
Magnet – Alnico 2 Rods

The Strat Classic set is definitely good for those precise clean tones in your favorite 80s ballads. Yet I ended up going off into Clapton and Hendrix and Stevie Ray and let’s never forget Jeff Healey. The relative vintage specs manage to deliver plenty of nuance and a robust presence with healthy sustain. As such, I also hit some shred-tastic leads and some heavier blues-rock as well. This set of pickups remain nimble enough to roll with whatever punches were served.

For reference, this Strat Classic pickup set evaluation was conducted with a Fractal Axe-Fx II XL+ featuring Celestion Impluse Responses and MFC-101. Real cabs used are a Peavey 6505 cab and Marshall 1960B cabs loaded with Celestion A-Type, V-Type, G12-65s, Peavey Sheffields, and Mojotone BV-25Ms.