Eventide “SplitEQ Just Changed Mixing & Mastering FOREVER!”

It took only 3 days* to reimagine the last 50 years of EQ

*3 days since release! Our developers have been working for years on SplitEQ™. And, it benefits from Eventide’s 50 years of devotion to audio!

George Massenburg invented the Parametric Equalizer nearly 50 years ago when he showed up at the 1972 AES with a white paper titled, “Parametric Equalization,” laying the groundwork for his sweep-tunable EQ. Since then, it’s been perfected and can’t get any better. Or can it?

Even though Parametric EQ has gone through decades of refinements, we all know that it has its limitations. For years, users have been combining this, that, and some other plugin because their EQs alone can’t get them to where they want to go.

An EQ can’t fix what it can’t hear. It’s a perfect, yet blunt tool. Adding more blunt tools such as transient shapers, dynamics processors, de-essers, and compressors does help, but not without causing collateral damage.

SplitEQ takes a fundamentally new approach. Rather than throw the kitchen sink at the entire signal, it’s a surgical device that first splits the signal into two sonically meaningful parts so you can work on each part separately.

SplitEQ Hears Sound Like You Do

That may sound odd at first—if you’re up for a deep dive navigate to our website where we go into exquisite detail—but, ultimately, none of the details matter for making music or cleaning up dialog and old recordings you thought were toast.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is this simple fact: It’s a better tool for the job.

Those who have tried SplitEQ have found that it gets them where they’re headed faster and better.

For many, it’s already replaced their old EQ. Here’s what some say:

“SplitEQ Just Changed Mixing & Mastering FOREVER!”
— Plugin Boutique

In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper of Plugin Boutique demonstrates why he believes SplitEQ is going to change mixing and mastering forever! Along the way, you will get an in-depth review of the key features and learn how to use this powerful tool in your next projects!

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