Review: Black & Decker 5.0 Amp Jigsaw with Curve Control

Every woodworker and hobbyist needs a great jigsaw. Especially if that craftsman is working with musical gear. Precisely cutting the sexy curves of a wooden instrument is no small feat. Trying to precisely cut round mountings for speakers is next to impossible without a great jigsaw. My aging jigsaw was nowhere near great so it was time to upgrade to the Black & Decker 5.0 Amp Jigsaw with Curve Control.

The Curve Control technology “allows you to adjust the saw’s Orbit in 1 of 4 customized settings”. The saw also includes the ability to do bevel cuts in both directions. Black & Decker 5.0 Amp Jigsaw also has a tool free blade change. This allows the user to quickly change blade depending on the material they are working with or the finish they desire.

Making this saw even easier to use is the easy to see wire guide giving the user a clear line of site for precise cuts. As you are making these cuts the built-in blower is clearing the dust to keep your pencil or guide clear to the eye.

The handle and trigger are very ergonomic. They are wrapped in soft rubber for comfort and the trigger is a two finger design to reduce fatigue. The trigger is variable speed and very responsive to touch. If you are looking to use all 5.0 amps of this powerful saw the user can pull the trigger all the way up and lock the trigger in position with a “lock-on” button conveniently located next to your thumb.

The Black & Decker 5.0 Amp is a serious tool. While the hobbyist, craftsman and home owner will definitely enjoy this tool is also has the power to accompany you on any jobsite. No matter what materiel we threw at this saw our cuts were always clean, precise and effort free.

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