Episode 500: Milestone 500

The Videogame Roundtable has recorded its 500th episode, finally. This is the third attempt. The first was only partially recorded, while the next one was not recorded at all. Appended to this podcast is the partially recorded podcast which had former co-host Jordan Lund.

The news includes:

Phil Spencer ‘excited’ at the idea of more StarCraft
Sony’s PSVR 2 gets a high price and a close release date
AMD announces $999 RX 7900 XTX and $899 RX 7900 XT
Hyped mystery Square Enix game turns out to be NFT junk
Suda51 and SWERY file new trademark for Hotel Barcelona horror game
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet linking with Pokemon Go confirmed for 2023

Let us know how long you’ve been listening to the podcast!